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About Us
We offer website design, storage, and maintenance. Also, through our own locally developed software, we are now able to offer fully interactive webpages using just a browser. This, combined with custom tailored database design and management, including secure and/or encrypted online data entry and retrieval from the Internet, produces an ideal medium for inexpensive, wide-area information sharing and exchange.

Our server is connected to the Internet backbone via very fast fibre-optic links. All software and data are backed up at regular intervals and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) protects the system. These features ensure our corporate and individual customers high data access speeds to the Internet with minimal down time.

Our team of Professionals has experience in:

Internet Marketing

World Wide Website Design (HTML coding)

Database Design and Data Processing
(Internet - Online HTML interface)

Multi-platform Operating Systems including
Unix, Linux, Windows NT, Windows, and DOS.

Multi-platform Programming
using languages such as C, PHP, Java, and Perl

To complement these facilities we provide:

    1. Multimedia Development
    2. Graphic Design
    3. Image Scanning and Enhancement
    4. Data Entry
    5. Training

Our corporate goal is to provide cost-effective products and services using leading-edge technology with a focus on locally developed software.

Internet Marketing is our business; networking technology is our tool.

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